Tax Deductions for Teachers

Teachers play a vital role in shaping our society. Since their prime focus is on children, which are our future. They not only provide children with the academic knowledge but also give them a handful of life-learnt experiences too, which helps them excel in their life endeavours. Just like any other profession, it is observed [...]

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Creating A Family Budget Doesn’t Need To Be A Negative Thing

What is a Family Budget? A family budget is an excellent tool that makes use of the personal finances and ensures a certain amount of money is saved for the future purposes. This budget can be derived according to the size of the family and the total income generated in a month. The budget can [...]

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How to add multiple income streams

Long gone are the days when just one source of income was enough to fulfil the needs and requirements of an individual. Nowadays with a massive increase in the prices of commodities, it has become an absolute necessity to opt for multiple sources of income. Multiple streams of income refer to the concept of earning [...]

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Have A Student Loan and About to Head Overseas?

There are new repayment obligations for people with a HELP or TSL debt who are living and working overseas. These overseas repayment arrangements apply to the following study loan schemes: HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP, OS-HELP and SA-HELP. They also apply to VET FEE-HELP, VET Student Loans for vocational education and training and Trade Support Loans (TSL) for [...]

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8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be Cloud Based

Nowadays many businesses are converting from the traditional manual systems to a more efficient cloud based system. This conversion is directly related to the efficiency, accuracy and improved quality of the work. The 8 fundamental reasons as to why every business should be cloud based are as follows: Affordability Cloud systems comprise of a small [...]

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What If I Forgot To Lodge My Tax Return?

Tax return as the name suggests refers to the refund of the income tax that a taxpayer once submitted to the government. This case is applicable when the actual tax that was to be submitted is less than the amount paid. There are various steps that are taken to reduce the taxes you owe to [...]

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Understanding Your Business Finances

What Is Business Finance? Business finance is a term that revolves around the tasks and activities that are carried by the authorities regarding the administration of cash and other significant resources. Entrepreneurs must have a strong comprehension of the standards of business finances to keep their organizations gainful. Since business finance is the management of [...]

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Why Cash Flow Forecasting Is Important?

The cash flow can be simply defined as the estimate of the time and amounts of cash inflows and outflows over a specific period (usually monthly or yearly). A cash flow forecast helps an organisation manage all liquid or cash resources – including the timing and availability of funding options to manage the immediate operational [...]

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Should I Use an Accounting Software in My Business?

Keeping yourself organised is always a good idea. Your business cash flow needs to be well organised for your ease. When the tax season is around the corner, all business owners start collecting and arranging their tax data differently. Some bring up piles of receipts or expenses’ slips or a list of revenue and expenses [...]

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Meet Narell Nughes- QLD’s 2017 Bookkeeper of the Year

Meet Narell- The 2017 QLD Bookkeeper of the Year Award Winner! Narell is in charge of the Agilis Group Books including setting up clients in Payroll, Superannuation as well as being our debt recovery champion! Her efficiency is what has given our Partner Jay Gounder around 10 hours per week less paperwork enabling him to schedule a [...]

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