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Voted the second highest suburb in Brisbane of educational advantage

Who lives in Bardon?

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54.5% of Bardon’s population is made up of families – both established, older and maturing, who are looking to invest in a home their family can grow into, whilst protecting their assets and finances

(Statistics taken from Experian Australia Pty Ltd)

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 (The Bardon Shed, Bardon)

Guess what? Agilis can help you achieve this through:

Asset Protection and Structuring We can help improve your asset protection and structuring through multiple trust options that can be customized to your current situation, so you won’t be vulnerable to losing your biggest assets and are financially protected. 


Property Investment and DevelopmentIf you are looking to develop a property, we can help you work out how best to structure your development to minimize tax legally, as well as how to calculate your GST credits, interest deductibility, stamp duty and every other detail involved. If you’re looking to purchase a property, we can help you claim all your legally entitled tax deductions, set up a property investment strategy that’s tax effective, optimize your returns and help protect your assets.

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