About Agilis

Agilis Chartered accountant offering a range of finance services including business development planning

Our Purpose, is to provide our clients a gateway to achieving financial success and independence…

Not every business has a strong name with an equally meaningful and robust definition. We believe we do. Our name tells our story. 
‘Agilis’ in Latin means ‘agile’. It means we move easilynimbly and quickly.

Our Philosophy

With a commitment to driving success, we provide comprehensive accounting and advice solutions that ensure every stage of your journey is met with the utmost efficiency. From startup through expansion and growth, our services make it easier for you to achieve business objectives – ultimately leading towards greater financial stability.

We are here for all the highs and lows that come naturally during this process; being quick yet precise when necessary so you can enjoy the best outcomes tailored specifically for you. That is why at Agilis we strive to be more than just another accountancy service – creating meaningful connections between client experience & financial success every step of way!

Agilis Office with corporate secretaries

The Fundamental
Values of Agilis

At Agilis we want to see you thrive – whether it’s in building your business or in your personal prosperity, we aim to provide the best accounting outcomes that suit you.


Agilis in Latin means ‘agile’. It means we move easily, nimbly and quickly.


We are genuine and courteous to both our clients, and staff.


We are client focused and diligent.


Not only do we want to grow as a company, but we want to see our clients grow just as much.

Solution Focused Accounting

We provide accountancy services that go well beyond what is typically offered in the suburbs. With an extensive range of skills, global expertise and a suite of business advisory offerings we stand out from other firms. No matter your location – remote or regional- our cutting edge technology allows us to connect with clients all over Australia to assist them wherever they are based. 

Our team of CPA-qualified and Chartered Accountants provide invaluable advice to clients across all industries, ranging from sole traders to companies with a net worth in excess of $25 million. With extensive experience tackling situations from medical professionals, tradespeople, mining executives, property investors through media & communications consultants to mortgage advisors – we provide comprehensive accounting solutions for every stage in the development of your business.

Meet the team

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Agilis - Gene

Frequently Asked Questions

As of July 1, 2022, Affinitas Accountants and Agilis CA officially joined forces to become one team.

The firms operate under the trading name of Agilis Chartered Accountants, but Affinitas will remain an entity under the Agilis Branch.

These two firms working together combines a vast range of industry knowledge and experience – paving the way for greater ideas and systems.

As a result of this change, Affinitas Accounting relocated to The Gap, so they can operate together with Agilis, under one roof.

We offer a free initial 20-minute consultation with one of our Accountants to understand your requirements. This can be done in-person, or online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. To book an appointment, please call the Agilis CA reception on (07) 3510 1500.

No, we do not charge for a phone call or an email – but fees may apply if your query requires extensive research. We will notify you of the fees before research is conducted.

Yes, we advise that you please make an appointment to see your Accountant or Business Advisor. This way, we can prepare documents and notes beforehand so we can give you the most value for your time.

We are CPA-qualified and Chartered Accountants.

Our clients come to us from all walks of life and industries, which means we have proven experience tackling all sorts of situations.

From individual returns, business start up to close, business strengthen and expand, to steady growth and staying on top – the goal is to make your life easier and financially happier.

Your data is completely safe. Agilis CA uses a two-step authenticator system on their platforms to ensure security.