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You’ve built a business – don’t let your hard work go to waste! Get expert business succession planning guidance and advice form our team of experts

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Business Succession Planning Brisbane

One of the largest concerns of baby-boomer business owners relates to their ability to realise all the hard work (often over several years) that goes into converting the large portion of wealth contained in the business and related assets.

Succession Planning encompasses creating a strategy – whilst the owner is still in the business – surrounding developing successors and maintaining talent for the future of the business once the owner is ready to exit.  

This helps enable a smooth transition and minimizes disruption to employees.

A succession plan can be complex, so if you want to achieve a successful, valuable, and strategic exit out of your business, talk to Agilis CA.

Agilis have assisted many business owners to identify, protect, maximise, and extract the value contained within their business – and achieve a successful exit.

Financial Analysis & Evaluation

Succession Plan Development

Estate Planning & Wealth Management

AgilisCA Specialising In Succession Planning

Agilis has helped numerous business owners in identifying, protecting, maximising, and extracting the value within their businesses. Our goal is to assist you in achieving a successful exit.

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Our Personalised Succession Planning Process

Agilis CA provides a personalised succession planning process tailored to the individual needs of each business owner in Brisbane. Our process begins with an initial consultation to understand the goals and objectives of the business owner. This allows our team to develop a strategy and plan that best suits their circumstances.

The next step is to create an action plan which will include activities such as tax planning, risk management, legal advice, financial modelling and asset protection strategies. The team at Agilis CA can provide ongoing support throughout the entire succession planning process, ensuring that all objectives are met and the transition is successful.

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How Agilis Can Help You

Succession planning can be a complex process, which is why our team at Agilis CA is here to offer personalised assistance in creating an effective plan. With the expertise of our experienced accountants and advisors, we will support you through each step of the process, ensuring that your succession plan is tailored to your specific requirements. When you partner with Agilis CA, you can have confidence that your succession planning needs are in capable and trustworthy hands.

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Benefits of a Succession Plan

Peace of Mind

Having a succession plan in place can provide business owners with peace of mind that their hard work and investments will not go to waste. It allows them to have control over the future of the business and ensures that it is passed on to the right people who can take it forward.

Protection of Assets

A succession plan can help protect assets from creditors and other potential claimants, as well as ensure that assets are distributed according to the owner’s wishes. This helps ensure that the owner’s estate is secure and their investments are protected from any potential risks.

Tax Benefits

Succession planning can also help reduce tax liabilities associated with transferring assets, such as capital gains tax or inheritance tax. Agilis CA has extensive experience in this area, so they can help you identify any potential tax savings available and provide advice on how best to structure your succession plan for maximum benefit.

Roadmap for Potential Buyers

Can help to attract potential buyers and investors, as it provides them with an understanding of the business’s future direction and potential growth opportunities. Agilis CA can also assist in preparing a detailed information memorandum that outlines the key features of the business and its future prospects.

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