Affinitas Accounting: Clients Making A Difference In the Community

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Affinitas Accounting: Clients Making A Difference In the Community

At Affinitas, we admire the contributions made by all our small business clients – but we do help look after some organisations who are giving back to their communities in very special and unique ways. For these organisations – and the dedicated teams who run them – the desired outcomes go way beyond making money.

They are about making a positive and lasting difference to their clients and communities.



Growing RREPP For Fairtrade

RREPP is a Sydney Northern Beaches based business with a global reach that has grown from a mere seed thought in the mind of Socialpreneur and Founding Director Scott Goddard.

For more than a decade, Scott has worked on taking an almost unattainable business objective and turning it into a full-blown reality – which is to create a manufacturing business that is completely compatible with Social Justice and Environmental Sustainability. And not just in part – but 100% through every step and every aspect of its supply chain –  from the growers of natural raw materials, right through to the last stitch being applied by workers during the final stages of production.

RREPP makes a signature range of sports balls (soccer, futsal, netball, rugby union, touch football, and rugby league) – all of which are minimum match quality and cater to players of all levels – including their top range of soccer balls which are put through the same rigid testing as any of the highest standard FIFA Quality PRO balls sold anywhere in the world. RREPP also produces a range of garments – caps, cotton tees, and polo shirts – that are certified to the highest of global fair trade standards.

Scott says the overarching goal was to engage consumers to understand more about the power of their purchasing. “It’s about how being empowered to make ethical choices can transform the lives of workers, families, and communities that provide us with the clothes we wear, or the sports balls that millions of kids and adults play with around the world every day – from mini-league to World Cups.”

To find out more about RREPP and the products they sell, go to

Life With Horses

Pursuit of Happier Trails

After facing down her own career crossroads, corporate head of events Kat Creech’s life was turned around when she rediscovered her childhood love of horses. Now Kat is intent on giving back to these wonderful, gentle creatures and helping humans at the same time through her newly formed charity – Life With Horses.

Working under the full title – Life With Horses. Healing Together – the organisation has a dual purpose:

  • to provide an eye-opening experience for veterans and others suffering from PTSD and, at the same time,
  • working on Kat’s other passion – re-educating, and re-homing retired racehorses.

And there is a third level of experience – for those who want to sponsor a horse and share in the hands-on journey, as the trainers work to retrain and refocus the energies of each sponsor horse. Kat says Life With Horses is a charity that will take all stakeholders on a “life with horses journey” – where everyone gets to experience growth and development through equine awareness.

To learn more about Life With Horses and Ducky – their first sponsored horse – go to

Cleveland Film Company

Local Film Company Reaching for the Stars

Affinitas Financial Planning clients Bradford Lee Walton and Diana Petrovic provide the creative force and driving energy behind Cleveland Film Company – a community-based dramatic production company based in Redlands, Queensland.  

CFC’s first short film – 5 Moons of Pluto – was released in 2020 to critical acclaim and was shortlisted in film festivals throughout the world. A powerful and visually stunning piece – 5 Moons of Pluto was a triumph and testament to the talents of the cast and crew – and the spirit of the Redlands community.

Not content to rest on its 2020 laurels, Cleveland Film Company currently has three feature film projects fully developed and ready for production;

  • Caged Creatures – about a lonely and depressed pet shop owner who finds a somewhat unique solution to her dilemma
  • Kane – a tale of horror and evil set in local cane fields
  • Psycho-Swipe – a thriller where some promiscuous teenagers get more than they bargain for when using hook-up apps.


Cleveland Film Company’s goal is to produce high-end feature films and VOD Series for low to medium range cost. These projects are enabled by quality scripts, budget discipline and accessibility to cost-effective locations and crew in the region.  Operating under the motto –  Film Local. Screen Global – Cleveland Film Company celebrates collaboration and community values.

To learn more about Cleveland Film Company and it’s fundraising projects, visit


Is your business giving back to the community? If so, tell us your story by replying to this post or by sending an email to
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