Suffering a Bad Case of EOFY BAS?

Don't suffer from a bad case of EOFY BAS

Suffering a Bad Case of EOFY BAS?

The end of financial year (EOFY) business activity statement (BAS) is an important document due at a very busy time.

Don’t suffer from a bad case of EOFY BAS

It looms as businesses finalise their results for the year, collect debtors, pay creditors, round off the year’s payroll, search for extra deductions and plan the year ahead.  All this needs to be incorporated in the final quarter BAS numbers.

And you can add to this the mid-year school holidays, when families like to have time off together.

If you are struggling to get all this done by the end of July, then you need to reach out for help.

This can be in the form of improved software and/or apps, or extra internal or external accounting support.

Trying to do everything yourself can be false economy.

Consider spending a few extra dollars on getting the right support in place, so you can free your time to focus on family or boosting the sales side of your business.

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