Sorting Out Late Tax Returns – It’s Easier Than You Think

Sorting Out Late Tax Returns - It's Easier Than You Think

Sorting Out Late Tax Returns – It’s Easier Than You Think

Sorting Out Late Tax Returns - It's Easier Than You Think

Sorting Out Late Tax Returns 

It’s Easier Than You Think

In 30 years of preparing tax returns, some of the most relieved and happy clients you come across are those whom we have helped “catch up” and lodge late tax returns. Apart from straight out forgetfulness, failure to lodge a return can happen for a variety of reasons, including illness or any other adverse change in personal circumstances.

Sometimes people move overseas for a time period and don’t realise they still have obligations to lodge an Australian tax return. For most, the obligation to lodge a tax return will not go away despite how many years you delay and/or the reasons for the delay. The Tax Office will eventually catch up with you.

All you achieve by delaying your lodgements is cause yourself worry, risk late fees, and the potential that your records – particularly legitimate deductions – may be lost or destroyed. But putting yourself in the hands of an experienced tax professional can make the journey can be a lot less painful than you imagine.

Consider the following testimonial we have recently received from a client, who was four years behind with their returns.

“We were recommended to use Affinitas Accounting by a friend. From the first contact, Debbie was friendly, professional, very efficient, and extremely knowledgeable in her field. She took us on as expats needing to complete our last four years’ worth of income tax returns and was so patient and helpful when we had to get all our documents sorted and what she needed to complete the return. Even though the timeframe had us close to the Christmas break, she worked overtime to have it complete for us and ready to submit before the new year. We cannot recommend her company enough and will definitely be using her services each year from now on.”

So if you are late with your tax returns (or you know someone who is) then make getting up to date your New Year’s resolution. Contact us on 07 3510 1500 or


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