Virtual Appointments Proving Popular with Our Tax Clients

virtual appointments

Virtual Appointments Proving Popular with Our Tax Clients

Virtual Appointments During Tax Time

Tax season has arrived again, and this year, business owners and individuals face a new challenge during tax time: COVID-19. The pandemic has forced us all to restructure our lives and live differently, which is why Affinitas Accounting has been offering virtual appointments to our clients to manage their tax returns and compliance, while maintaining social distancing. Our virtual appointments have proven extremely popular and still retain the same level of dedication and professionalism that our physical appointments offer. Affinitas Accounting’s tax clients are embracing the opportunity to prepare their 2020 tax returns using our virtual and online options – so, if you still require assistance with your tax return or compliance, we can help you through our virtual appointments too!

virtual appointments

Virtual Appointments: Online Tax Accounting

Managing your money and minimising your tax burden is not just a technical exercise. It not only reduces unnecessary spending, but it also helps you move forward in your business with confidence. Let us help you manage and maintain your tax accounting and you’ll gain a trusted advisor for your success.

When you work with us, we’ll do the following:

  • Reduce your tax each year
  • Maximise your investment in your business future
  • Optimise spending
  • Review your outgoing fees to improve spending efficiency

We understand the pressures that come with running a business, from cashflow to taxation and payroll. That is why we’re here to help you focus on what you do best – running your business. Our experienced and professional online accountants are well adapted to remote working, allowing us to take advantage of streamlined procedures to ensure that your experience with us is nothing shy of excellent. Here’s what you can expect from our virtual appointments:

  • Prompt communication
  • Advice with your businesses best interests in mind
  • Fixed price quotes
  • Free phone call enquiries
  • A diverse team of highly trained accountants

Our Virtual Appointments: How it Works

Our virtual appointments make managing tax time easier for you. You will receive the same dedicated services that you would if you were able to meet at our Brisbane office.When you book or request a booking for our virtual appointments, you will still be assigned a friendly designated human accountant that will be your contact person. The end result is our services are just the same as traditional appointments. The accuracy, efficiency and reliability of our services are streamlined as our team have adapted to working remotely by creating cutting-edge procedures that save time and reduce the need for in-person communication.

Virtual appointments can be highly beneficial given the advent of social distancing. We utilise the latest technology to ensure that our service remains impeccable for our clients. Our streamlined processes will be saving you a lot of time, money and make running your business much easier during tax season.

Our clients are contacting us, as usual, via phone/email to book their appointment. At this point, we identify whether they prefer a Zoom meeting, phone call or email only service. Our tax checklist is then sent to each client, which we ask to be completed and returned to us within two days to the allotted appointment time. For those who have booked Zoom meetings, these details are also sent via email.

If you want to be quick off the mark with your 2020 tax return, you need to remember that annual PAYG summaries and other details are sometimes not finalised on your ATO portal report until mid-late July. Those who have investments should be aware that the tax details for these are often not finalised until Sept-October each year.

To book your 2020 tax return appointment, contact or phone 07 3510 1500.

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