Claiming Work Travel Expenses

Claiming Work Travel Expenses

If you travel or are on the road for work purposes, it’s likely you can claim related expenses on your annual tax return. In many cases employers may cover the costs of petrol and accommodation but there are others expenses you’re likely to be able to claim on incidentals you incur yourself.

Below is a helpful guide to what you can claim and what records you should keep if you’re looking to claim travel expenses:

Work Travel Expenses

Records you need to keep

If you’re away for one night or more, you’ll need to keep a record of everything you buy when you travel.

If you’re away for six nights or more, you’ll also need to keep a diary to record all your business activities while you’re away. Include specific details of each business activity, including:

  • the date and time of the activity
  • how long the activity lasted
  • a description of the activity
  • where the activity took place.

If you travel for work and personal reasons

If you travel for personal reasons during your business trip, this part of the trip is not deductible. When you calculate your expenses, don’t include expenses related to your personal activities.

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