Tax Deductions for Teachers

Tax Deductions for Teachers

Teachers play a vital role in shaping our society. Since their prime focus is on children, which are our future. They not only provide children with the academic knowledge but also give them a handful of life-learnt experiences too, which helps them excel in their life endeavours.

Just like any other profession, it is observed how teachers also pay on their own for the work related expenses. Therefore, it is essential for every teacher to be aware of the below listed situations in which they can make possible tax deduction claims.

Teaching Supplies

Teachers need resource materials, books and supplies to ensure their desired goal is achieved during a lecture. This includes assessment sheets, reading handouts, and reference books and so on. It is therefore the duty of the institute to pay for the resource material that is provided to the teachers for the students.


It is an integral part of every institute specially that of a school, college or university to provide the teachers with the basic stationary tools. These include planners, diaries, registers, pens and so on. In case of arts and crafts teachers, it is their right to be provided with the basic art stationary as well. As for the scientific labs, proper stopwatches, beakers, pipettes etc. should be available without having to purchase themselves.


This only applies in certain cases where a certain clothing piece is bound to be worn by the teachers with the institute’s logo on it. Teachers are given the privilege to claim for the laundry and alteration costs that are associated with the uniform.


In order to explore and think outside the box, teachers often study and research on their own to further enhance their skills. The sole purpose of doing so is to make sure better techniques are introduced in the system. If all the expenses regarding the self-education are paid by the individual himself, he can most certainly claim a deduction in this regard. It is to be remembered however, this only applies when self-education is being done for the teaching purposes specifically.


As part of the duty, teachers may sometimes have to work overtime or even travel domestically, in such cases, a meal and travel allowance is granted to the teachers for their sustenance. In other cases where they might have to stay overnight, the overnight stay charges are compensated too. Teachers can claim the cost of travel, which includes parking, tolls etc.


In case you subscribe to magazines, journals or newspapers for teaching purposes, it is your right to claim a deduction for these.

Apart from the above listed items upon which a significant tax deduction claim can be obtained there are general tax deductions available to all Australians despite being of any profession. These include:

  • Tax agent fees
  • Donations
  • Insurance
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