How Can I Become Paper-Free With My Business Finances?

How Can I Become Paper-Free With My Business Finances?

Businesses are spending immense time and money on paperwork. Although analysts have been estimating paperless offices for over two decades, yet paper production increases every year. In many businesses, there is a possibility to get rid of paper. Digital documents are much more simple, easy to store and send, easy to find and more versatile than paper.

By going paperless, you are taking your business online and making it digital. Paperless offices are feasible and are gaining attention rapidly because of their multiple benefits. It Reduces staff employees costs as you won’t be needing many people to handle your files.

Papers on desks and shelves are untidy and inefficient. Organisation of files in a digital form is simpler and it makes your office look much neater. That would clear your mind and make you focus on business. Computerised documents can be listed, stored, retrieved, and found faster than files on paper.

The entire company’s files and records can be kept on just one laptop instead of rooms. In case of fire or any other disaster, you could easily recover your backup from a digital storage rather than paper storage.

Cost reduction on printing, postage of documents and other related costs. You could even save rental costs as you won’t be needing space for files.

Moving to a new office won’t be too hectic when you don’t have to carry and shift a large number of files and other documents with you.

You are becoming environmentally friendly. Less printing, fewer trees cut down, and less energy in making and transporting paper.

Paper mail is slow and less reliable regarding its timing. Through electronic mail, documents arrive within seconds, therefore, giving you faster communication. Businesses, when get, rid of paper boost up in speed.

For going paperless, you should plan a scheme for reducing the use of paper. Following are some tips to help you out.

Keep track of the printing being done. Using print audit software would allow you to know where all the print commands are coming from so that you can manage them accordingly.

Calculate Cost Savings

Use accounting software to estimate your print-related costs. For instance, emails can replace printed newsletters.

Move to Online Applications

Online applications allow you to share data easily and in an efficient manner with clients and suppliers. Such as:

  • Google Docs
  • Dropbox
  • Basecamp
  • Evernote

Like many areas of business you move to applications the less you need to worry about technical support and file format issues.

Train Your Staff

Guide your staff to handle and process electronic documents. Encourage them by giving them a specific budget for which those who maintain it would receive a reward for printing lesser documents.

Scan Paperwork You Receive

Document scanners are inexpensive and can store paperwork in a PDF form.

Sign Documents Digitally

There are laws according to which electronically-signed contracts are legally valid.

Use Online Banking

Pay your bills and your suppliers online.

By moving to a paperless office, you can reduce inefficiencies, which would lead to your company’s growth.

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