Tax Deductions for Tradies

Tax Deductions for Tradies

Tradies play an essential role in the development and progress of any country as their efforts accumulate to form the bigger picture. It is indeed true how no job is small or of less importance as every job has its own significance in the society without which a loophole would be created.

Tradies are paid according to their skills, hours worked and whether or not the significant goals were achieved in the prescribed time period. The highest earning tradies in Australia for the year 2017 are as follows:

  1. Boilermaker
  2. Electrician
  3. Plumber
  4. Cabinetmaker
  5. Carpenter
  6. Plasterer
  7. Bricklayer
  8. Handyman
  9. Tiler
  10. Painter

This list has been deduced on the bases of annual income that was generated in each sector. Earning a handsome amount of money comes with its consequences too, that is the annual payable tax that is applied on it.

All these respective tradies have to pay according to their annual income but they too can claim in certain situations for a deduction.

These workers often pay for their work related expenses on their own. Therefore, it is essential that they must know when and how they can possibly claim for a tax deduction, the list for which is as follows:


Workers are required to wear a certain uniform with the company’s logo on it to make them stand out. The cost of the uniform is one of the many things over which the tax can be deducted. Alongside the uniform that can be altered according to preference, shoes, safety glasses, all fall under this category.


As per the work requirement, workers need specific equipment to carry out their daily tasks. The equipment that they may have purchased, repaired or modified all can be counted as tax deductible.  The reason being that all such equipment was used for work purpose specifically.


In order to communicate with fellow workers it is essential to make use to gadgets like telephone, mobile phones etc. The bill associated with making calls for work related purposes can be considered claimable. This also includes the use of internet on the workstation.


It is essential for workers to constantly amp up their game by learning new techniques and methodologies to meet with the ever growing competition in the work place. Company’s often send their employees on training sessions and seminars to be certified.


As per the work demand, workers may have to travel outside their workstations. In such cases where the travel is solely for working purposes, the meal and travel allowance is granted to the employees. These can be further divided into domestic and international allowance as per the situation and circumstances.


As a worker, you can easily claim for the union or subscription fees that are associated with the professional activities. Just be sure to save all your receipts regarding the subscriptions and union fees to show as a proof.

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