2022 Tax Tips For Property Investors

2022 Tax Tips For Property Investors

Are you a property investor? If so – are you making the most of your investment? 


Getting the income and allowable tax deductions right can be complex. Agilis CA can help sort out the details so you are claiming all that you can, to maximize your 2022 Tax Return.



Property Investment



If you have income from investment properties, now is the time to start gathering your records and reviewing your expenses for the 2022 financial year, as we are in Tax Planning season. 


Income To Declare


All income earned from each property must be declared. If you have multiple properties, keep the records for each property separate to make the tax return more efficient.


    • Rent received – whether paid directly to you, through an agent or through an online management platform. Rent includes recurring regular amounts as well as any lump sum amounts paid in advance.
    • Rental bonds returnedfor example if the tenant caused damage or defaulted on rent payment.
    • Insurance payouts received as compensation.
    • Expenses reimbursed by the tenant for example if they have caused damage and you have paid for the cost of fixing the damages, or if they have reimbursed you for water.
    • Extra fees received – for example letting or booking fees.
    • Government rebates – for example for installation of solar utilities.


You will need statements or recipient created tax invoices from agents or management platforms and documents for all other payments received.



Tax Deductions 


Deductible expenses for property are different for residential and commercial properties. Not all expenses related to owning a property are allowed as deductions, so it’s important to check what you can claim.

Click here to read the ATO’s breakdown of Rental Expenses To Claim. 



Expenses You May Be Able To Claim This Year 


    • Advertising for tenants
    • Body corporate fees
    • Council rates
    • Water supply charges
    • Land tax
    • Cleaning, gardening, pest control and property maintenance
    • Insurance
    • Agent fees
    • Repairs and maintenance
    • Some legal expenses
    • Loan interest



Other Expenses 


There are some expenses which need to be claimed over a longer period such as several years or decades. These can include borrowing expenses, capital expenditure, depreciation, initial repairs, and capital works.

Some expenses cannot be claimed for – these include stamp duty, loans and repayments, some legal expenses, and some insurance premiums.



Let Agilis CA Help Simplify Your Property Records 


Tax matters for property investors can be complex. The ATO keeps a close eye on tax returns that involve property investment, as it’s easy to make mistakes. 

There are other matters to consider such as the period of rental availability, private use of the property, capital gains tax, legal contracts and positive or negative gearing. 

This year for many owners based in QLD and NSW, there will be insurance claims because of the floods. 

Contact Agilis CA today, to book in a time for your 2022 Tax Return, so we can help ensure you are claiming the right deductions to make the most out of your investment property this year and beyond. 



This blog was originally published by BOMA but has had edits made by Agilis CA for the benefit of our readers.

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