ATTENTION COMPANY DIRECTORS – You Now Need a Director Identification Number

ATTENTION COMPANY DIRECTORS – You Now Need a Director Identification Number

The ATO recently announced that the Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS) will be initiating and maintaining the Director Identification Number (Director ID) from November 1, 2021. 


Here’s what you need to know.






What is a Director Identification Number?


A Director ID is a 15-digit unique identifier that prevents the use of fraudulent Director identities with the new registry services of the ABRS.

All Director’s are required under the law to apply for a Director ID. 

A Director ID will only be granted to an individual who has their identity verified with the ABRS.

An individual only needs to apply once for a Director ID, and will keep it forever unless they change their name, stop acting as a Director or change companies, or move interstate or overseas. 

Please Note: When entering your name, it should be your FULL name.  

e.g. John Andrew Smith. 

John Andrew Smith vs. John Smith, is deemed 2 separate people in the eyes of a Director ID. You must pick one, and this will be the name used on all company documentation where your name is required. 

Individuals must apply for their own Director ID – agents and advisors cannot apply on a client’s behalf. 


Who is required to have a Director ID? 


Those required to have a Director ID are individuals who are a Director (or Alternate Director) of a: 

    • Company, a registered Australian body, or a registered foreign company under the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act), or
    • Corporation registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act).


When do required individuals need to apply for a Directors ID? 


Please refer to the table below, for the transitional arrangements:



(Now Infinity, 2021)


For more information on the Corporations Act, click here to visit the Australian Securities and Investments Commissions (ASIC).


How do you apply for a Directors ID? 


You are required to apply for your own Director ID.

To apply online, you can follow the following 3 steps: 


STEP ONE – Verify your identity using your myGovID credentials or create a myGovID using your smartphone and Australian identity documents. For more information visit How to set up myGovID.

    • Please Note: myGovID and myGov are not the same – myGovID is an app, myGov is an account.


STEP TWO – Gather your compulsory documents and two documents required by the ATO to verify your identity 

    • You must provide your Tax File Number and residential address held by the ATO
    • Identity verification documents include:
      • Bank Account details
      • ATO Notice of Assessment
      • Dividend Statement
      • Super Account details
      • Centrelink payment summary
      • PAYG payment summary


STEP THREE – Complete a Director ID application on the ABRS platform to receive your Director ID (should take less than 5 minutes!) 


For more information on the Director ID 


For more information on the Director Identification Number, click here to visit the ABRS website.


Talk to Agilis CA if you are unsure about your Director ID


Whilst we cannot apply for a Director ID on your behalf, we are more than happy to help should you have any questions. 

Contact Agilis CA today!



The information in this article derives from the ABRS. 

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