Stepping Back: Do You Have An Exit Strategy For Your Business?

Ready to retire, want to cash up, or just need a break? At some point, you will probably want to move on from your business – here’s why you’ll need an exit strategy. Owning a business can be brilliant, but you might not want to do it forever. Whether you’re ready to retire, want to […]

5 Challenges For Small Businesses – and How To Beat Them!

Want to know how to beat the most common business challenges? Here, Agilis CA have highlighted five common challenges and the simple ways to overcome them. Founding, building, and growing your own small business is a hugely rewarding experience for many entrepreneurs – but the road ahead isn’t always smooth. There are common challenges that […]

Have You Planned the Succession of Your Business?

owner of a business looking for a Chartered accountant

Discover the importance of succession planning for long-term business success and continuity. Learn about the essential steps to take and best practices to implement to ensure a seamless transition of leadership and sustained growth.

3 Reasons to Partner Your SMB with a Business Accountant

Small business owner discussing their finances with their business accountant

If you’re a small to medium-sized business owner, partnering with an experienced business accountant can provide significant benefits.

From financial management and planning to specialist financial advice and guidance, an accountant can help your business grow while ensuring your finances are managed effectively. In our latest blog post, we discuss the top 3 reasons to partner with a business accountant and how Agilis CA can help.

Review The Year That’s Been, & Plan For The 2023 Year Ahead

Conducting a past-year review with an experienced advisor will provide valuable insights for this year’s 2023 goal setting. What will you do differently this year to enable your business to thrive? Agilis CA can help with a business strategy. 

Work Christmas Parties, Presents…and Fringe Benefits Tax

Are you planning a work Christmas party? Gifts to give to clients and suppliers? Employee Christmas bonuses? Don’t get caught out by tricky entertainment rules – some of these may be claimed as a business expense. Talk to Agilis CA about your costs this Christmas season.  

FIFA World Cup & Small Business Owners – Key Learnings

The concept of the game of football is uncertain – you never quite know how a match will play out, as surprise wins and losses are not uncommon. At the end of the day, the match result relies on performance and teamwork – and when it comes to performance, sport and business share a common […]

Promoting Wellbeing In The Workplace

Creating wellbeing in the workplace doesn’t have to take time and resources. There are simple things you can do to promote a healthy workplace, including some great apps to support wellbeing.