Review The Year That’s Been, & Plan For The 2023 Year Ahead

Review The Year That’s Been, & Plan For The 2023 Year Ahead

Conducting a past-year review with an experienced advisor will provide valuable insights for this year’s 2023 goal setting. What will you do differently this year to enable your business to thrive? Agilis CA can help with a business strategy. 


CA New Year


What are your business goals for the year ahead?


Happy New Year! The beginning of a new calendar year is an excellent time to review the year just finished and reflect on what worked, what didn’t, what you’d like to change and new things you’d like to implement.

Last year, there were inescapable impacts on businesses – with some thriving, others failing, and others just getting by. So, what kind of year was 2022 for your business?

Take the time to review the year and acknowledge all that has happened, good, bad, or indifferent. Examining the year with an objective perspective can provide valuable insights to prepare for the next business year. Planning and goal setting will help provide a focus for your business efforts.


Your Yearly Business Review


  • What were the most significant impacts on your business in 2022? How well did you meet the challenges?
  • What worked well last year? What systems, technology, products or services were successful?
  • What accomplishments can you celebrate?
  • What situation, event or experience provided the biggest learning opportunity?
  • What is the biggest challenge or frustration you face as you prepare for 2023?
  • What did you most enjoy during the year? Do more of it. What did you least enjoy? Do less of it!
  • Analyse your financial reports. Are you earning what you’d like to? Is the business sustainably profitable?


Get Ready for a Great Year


While there are many metrics you could evaluate to track business performance, we’ve given you just a few ideas to inspire your business planning for 2023.

If you’d like to chat about what you can do differently this year to enable your business to thrive, contact Agilis CA today.

Let’s see your business thrive! We’ll help you start up, strengthen and expand, and reach great heights. We will also help protect your business with a succession plan.


This blog was originally published by BOMA.

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