Tax Deductions for Nurses

  Nursing is an excellent profession that is well respected worldwide. It is regarded as the most trustworthy, honest and ethically sound profession. Its popularity clearly highlights how people all over the country appreciate their hard work and commitment. They work tirelessly day and night, performing their duties in different wards taking care of various […]

How to Use a Car Logbook?

A car logbook or a vehicle logbook is an important and helpful tool, which acts as a proof of ownership over a specific car along with the usage details that are associated with it. These include the fuel costs, mileage and so on, which help immensely in the future. A logbook is highly significant when […]

Collecting bad debts the right way


Most small businesses, at one point or another is likely to have bad debtors. But, let’s be honest, no one likes making those phone calls. Here are three simple steps to ensure your phone call results in a debt paid. Step 1 – Preparing to make the call Before calling make sure you have all […]

Should I have a Family Trust?

Family trusts are more commonly known for your snotty nosed kids you see on the movies. but here in Australia, trusts hold a significant place and can assist in building your wealth. There are many types of trusts and which one you should choose depends on many factors such as the type of investment, whether […]

Convert to HTTPS by October 2017 or Lose Rankings

Google is now warning webmasters to switch from non-secure HTTP to HTTPS, or risk losing traffic. The deadline is October 2017. If you run a website, chances are, you rely on traffic to get sales through the door. If thats the case then now is the time to ensure your vistor security is in place- […]

Google to charge GST from November 1st 2016

Google announced last week that as of 1 November 2016, the company will be charging Australian customers 10% GST as they “will be bound by the terms of the contract and will be providing the service to you and invoicing you for the service.” So what’s the change? Google has been using companies in Ireland […]