Starting Anew in 2022 – Setting Your Business Goals for the New Year

Starting Anew in 2022 – Setting Your Business Goals for the New Year

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2022! A year we hope will be bigger and better than last, and will bring you all new successes. To help get the most out of this new year for your business, effective goal setting is key. Agilis CA can assist you in setting these and help take your small business to new heights in 2022. 


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For many people and businesses, a new year means a new start and new goals – whether you want to grow your business or take more personal time for yourself, yearly goal setting is a highly effective way to help you achieve your long-term goals.  


Business Goal Setting Tips 


Below we have 5 tips for you to consider, when setting your 2022 business goals: 



1. Think big!


What do you want from your life – and how can your business help you achieve that? Think about next year and beyond; what does your business look like in 5 or 10 years’ time? When you know what endpoint you are aiming for, it’s easier to set goals that move you in the right direction.


2. Set goals you can measure to track performance and progress 


Vague goals aren’t as helpful as those you can measure and monitor. Think about what you already measure in your business and how you’d like to see those metrics change. For example:

    • A 3% increase in net profit year-on-year
    • A 2% reduction in expenses
    • 1 new customer per month
    • Reduce average payment time to under 50 days
    • 4 weeks of holiday during which you don’t go into the office at all


3. Plan how you intend to achieve each goal


Once you’ve picked a few goals, come up with ways to achieve them. It could just be back-of-the-envelope thinking, or you could have a brainstorming session with your team or your advisers. When you have a plan in place, do your best to follow through and make it happen.

Agilis CA is here should you need any assistance coming up with a plan of attack for your goals. 


4. Monitor your progress


Check in each month to see how you’re tracking with your goals. Set yourself reminders on your calendar or make it part of your invoicing cycle. If you’re not quite on track, you can make tweaks or come up with some fresh ideas to help you reach your targets – the goals you set should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound), therefore make sure they are manageable and relevant to your situation. 


5. Celebrate your wins! 


Give yourself a good reason to keep striving for your goals, and celebrate your progress and wins along the way to ensure your motivation remains – this might be in the form of a long lunch, trip to the movies, a manicure, or going out for a drink; something you’ll enjoy that’s not going to blow your budget.



Agilis CA can help you plan your business goals and keep track of them 


If you are not sure exactly what you want your business goals to be, or how to track them, contact Agilis CA today! 

We can help you through our Business Development services, which include Business Planning, Growth and Advisory. 

For more information, click here to read our blog on Business Planning – How to Build a Better Business



This blog was originally published by BOMA, but has had edits made by Agilis CA for the benefit of our readers.

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