Winter Olympic Sports & Running a Business

The Winter Olympics are well and truly underway, providing daily entertainment as we get to watch athletes compete in the pinnacle of their sport – but, has it ever crossed your mind that some of the skills and attributes of these winter sports are similar to the foundations of running a business? Here, we break […]

6 Similarities Between Tennis & Business

As the grand finals of the 2022 Australian Open near, we have broken down 6 similarities between tennis and business – because the fundamentals of the sport and business do have some surprising and important correlations worth noting.   

How do you make your Business Decisions?

Instinct is not always the answer…   Do you make business decisions based on hard facts or gut feel? If yours is an established business, in an industry with which you’re very familiar, there’s a fair chance you answered ‘yes’ to the latter. That’s unlikely to happen in a startup. Typically, startups are obsessed with […]

Considering a Business Coach for Your Business

As a business owner, if you have tried your best to achieve your goals and you think you have not left any loopholes, but you’re still not successful then perhaps you need to hire a business coach. A business coach guides you to see matters related to your company and business in a different way […]