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How do you make your Business Decisions?

Instinct is not always the Answer Do you make business decisions based on hard facts or gut feel? If yours is an established business, in an industry with which you’re...

How Will You Decide on Your Financial Planner?

Decision making can be hard. As humans, we often suffer from mental biases that hinder our ability to make ideal choices. Or we simply leave things in the ‘too hard...

Announcement of Retirement: Bert Girle

Announcement of Retirement: Bert Girle

It is with great honour that we announce the retirement of Bert Girle from agilis CA this April.  This follows a very long and successful career spanning over 40...

How Much Super Do I Need to Retire?

How Much Super Do I Need to Retire?

Superannuation, also known as Super, is a fixed amount of money that employers are legally bound to keep aside on behalf of their employees. The employees themselves...


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